Time to Spill the Beans..

We’re Pregnant!


Sorry for the long hiatus but I know there were people who personally know me following the blog so I was unable to share the wonderful news with you all! One of our two precious embryos implanted and our sweet little miracle is due January 23rd, 2017! We couldn’t feel more blessed or excited! In the coming days I’ll be writing another post or two to document our journey since transfer ❤ Thank you all for the prayers & well wishes!!


1DP3DT – A Quick Timeline!

Sorry for the delay.. and the long post – but here goes!

Wednesday, April 27th – (Stims Day 8) The day I so desperately waited for – it was our first ultrasound!! We weren’t given any real numbers but were told it was a good start and my bloodwork finally checked out for once; no change to the meds and back on Friday!

Friday, April 29th – (Stims Day 10) Ultrasound went well – they counted 6 mature follicles and several not far off from hitting 14/15 mm which the nurse said could still contain a mature egg.. hoping another day or so of stims would give those babies a boost! She said she would call me later in the day once my doctor observed my results but to plan on another ultrasound the following morning and that Saturday could very well be our trigger. I crossed my fingers that they’d let me stim through Sunday night in hopes of getting more mature follicles!


Saturday, April 30th – (Stims Day 11) Ultrasound showed my mature follicles had grown to 22, 21, 20, 20, 19, and 19 … the rest were still small. I tried to remind myself quality over quantity! We were given the green light for one more Menopur injection that afternoon and to trigger with 10,000 HCG at 8:30pm – retrieval was set for Monday morning at 8:30! I would return Sunday morning for quick blood draw to confirm the trigger had worked.

Monday, May 2nd – (RETRIEVAL DAY) Ahhh – this day was met with so much optimism and anxiety. We were finally here! Everything went smoothly, but when I groggily awoke from the procedure, my doctor informed me they’d retrieved 4 eggs — 4 EGGS.. needless to say I was heartbroken and began to cry! I had already prepared myself for a much lower amount than I had hoped, but I assumed we’d at least have 10+ (counting all the small ones) and that those 6 would be mature. Obviously that was not the case as most the of the follicles were empty. I returned home sore, woozy, and somewhat sad… but refused to stop telling myself “Quality over quantity.” Now began the long 24hrs before our fertilization report!

Tuesday, May 3rd – We got the call!!!! All 4 eggs were mature & all 4 fertilized!!! Praise the Lord almighty! We were over the moon that all 4 embabies would have a shot! The clinic called later to let us know that on Wednesday they would be scheduling a tentative 3 Day Transfer for Thursday and that on Thursday morning the lab would call to give us an update on our embryos and let us know whether to head down for our transfer or not. At first I was hesitant about a 3 Day transfer, but after researching it and seeing it work for many women.. I realized why they chose it for us and that I too did not want to risk the few embryos we had not making it to Day 5 if they could possibly thrive after Day 3 within me.

Thursday, May 5th – Again, we got the call!!! Our 3 Day transfer was a go! We had 2 – 8 cell embryos, 1 – 7 cell, and 1 – 2 cell that they assumed had stalled on day 2. As sad as we were, we were still beyond thankful to have 3 still thriving and were about to bring 2 home!!! In the end the doctor decided to transfer the 7 cell which was in excellent condition, and an 8 cell with some slight fragmentation. Our other 8 cell will be watched until Saturday (tomorrow) to see if we have 1 embaby to freeze – we have our fingers crossed!

So here we are – PUPO!! We are over the moon and cannot thank God enough for this blessing! Hoping in the coming days these little embabies will snuggle in and get comfy for the next 9 months because we are so in love already! First Beta is on the 17th – the countdown continues!!! ❤

Transfer Day


Slowly moving forward..

Today marks Stims Day #6 …

My body seems to be at odds with this whole IVF thing..

Overall.. injections are going well; the Menopur burns, I’ve had migraines from hell, and I’m becoming bloated & bruised…. but I keep my eye on the prize!

Tuesday afternoon – Went in for my 3rd ultrasound. Within seconds of inserting the ultrasound, my doctor gave a sigh of relief and said, “That’s what we want to see, your lining is beautiful.” I went from scared to overjoyed instantly ❤ That meant Wednesday I could begin stims – a week behind, but nevertheless, moving forward!!


The rest of the week went by in a flash. My first follow up was blood work on Saturday (Day 4) I was once again hopeful and optimistic! My phone rang later Saturday afternoon, as always.. no details given – my instructions were to continue the Lupron and Menopur as normal in the evening, but to bump up my Gonal by 50% in the morning from 150 to 225. Again, hopeful.. this is still the beginning!

Monday morning (Day 6) blood work #2. a quick poke in the arm and then off to work! I received the call just after lunch. My nurse in a not so reassuring voice said, “We’re upping your meds again, this time you need to increase your Menopur to 225 so 3 vials and 1 sodium chloride.” My hope drained in that moment. I’m so frustrated that I don’t get an ultrasound until day 8 to actually see what is going on in there. I can feel all sorts of twinges and pings… I KNOW something is happening. I just pray these meds will give my body the boost it needs to grow these follicles. Please let my body play catch up ❤ T – minus 36 hours until we’ll know more.


Two Setbacks.

Silly me for thinking this was going to be a cakewalk … Boo!

Tuesday I went in for my baseline scan on CD2 (yay) the nurse mentioned during the ultrasound that my lining was still a bit thick but since I had several days left to bleed, we thought that may be the reason why. Met with my doctor’s nurse in consultation afterwards; received my med calendar with instructions to begin stims on Wednesday and was off on my merry little way!


Got my follow up call 6 hours later after the doctor had looked at my ultrasound and my lining is too thick – no stimming for me. Continue Lupron at 10 units and follow up ultrasound on Friday to see how much my lining has thinned and hopefully begin stims on Saturday.

Okay! A blow to the ego but I know it’s best for everything to be just right. Must remain patient ❤

Friday morning came and I was feeling optimistic, afterall, I have horrific periods (literally) and couldn’t possibly have a freakin lining left! Hopped up onto the table, ready for the dildo cam to take a peek at my lining. The nurse didn’t say much and from that, I knew… after looking at a few views, she said it was still pretty thick. I felt devestated. Met with a “fill in” nurse in the consultation room following, she was a peach. Handed me my med calendar while saying “In case you would still happen to need this” … listen here bi*ch I know I don’t get to start stims tomorrow, no need to rub it in! I left the office practically in tears, fully preparing myself to get the call later saying we are going to scrap this cycle. BUT.. my doctor decided to give it a few more days (my lining was still a 12 and they look for a 3-5 at this point) I’m done with my period for the most part so here’s hoping my body will absorb it. I just don’t get it?! So I will continue Lupron and return Tuesday afternoon for a 3rd ultrasound and another saline sonogram. Talk about messing with your head! Again, I am trying to remain patient and hopeful; it just sucks that next weekend was our original retrieval date and I’m stuck in limbo, not even stimming yet!


….In other news, we unexpectedly sold my car last week so the car shopping has finally begun, I’ve never picked out my own car before!!

Oh and if all this IVF stuff wasn’t stressful enough (supposed to remain stress free right -HA!) I have an interview tomorrow at work for a supervisor position… no pressure though am I right?!

Almost Halfway There!

So here we are … Lupron Day 10! The injections haven’t been too bad so far – I’ve bled twice, had a few headaches, and have felt agitated off and on. Today is CD1 (YAY) and although I have excrutiating cramps, I couldn’t be any more happier or excited! Tomorrow is my baseline scan and *hopefully* the green light to begin my stims. I won’t get my official calendar for meds until tomorrow but I believe my Lupron will be reduced to 5 units at bedtime, along with 150 units of Menopur at night, coupled with 150 units of Gonal in the mornings. Whew! I’m pretty certain I’m gonna run out of places on my belly!! It’s crazy to think that in 1.5 weeks we’ll be having our egg retrieval already!! Hubby has been the official “icer” during this whole process, last night I had him prepare the syringe for the first time, and tonight he’s going to administer my shot! Yikes! I’m kinda nervous because he is too – better to have him test on my belly with the small needles than my booty with the big ones 😉 I’ll update soon with tomorrow’s results ❤


March Recap.

These last few weeks have flown by since we received news of our authorization!!

March 8th – We were given the green light for IVF!

March 14th – Called on Day 2 to schedule our injection training, calculate Day 21 start date, & to discuss meds.

March 17th – Received our first call regarding meds.. Walgreens Specialty Pharmacy called me with our quote of $3,660. Only then did I realize that my nurse must’ve sent my prescription request to the wrong pharmacy because she had previously mentioned Freedom Fertility Pharmacy being in network with our Insurance Prescription Card. Prescriptions were then to be transferred to Freedom!

March 24th – Freedom finally called with our final quote for meds – $2,054 … much better than the previous one!! I paid over the phone, this being my first big payment towards our IVF thus far. Ouch!

March 26th – MEDS ARRIVED! They were at the doorstep bright & early Saturday morning. I must say I was extremely overwhelmed pulling everything from the large box. I knew there would be a lot … but WOW there were a ton of meds & syringes!

March 28th – We went down for our injection training; I will admit I am nervous for those first few injections! I know I just have to suck it up & do it, all while remembering the reason why! We also sat down to complete all of our paperwork. Talk about signatures galore! Plus we had to answer all the awkward questions like; what to do with the embryos in case something were to happen to me …. or if something were to happen to the both of us … or what if we were to divorce. My goodness – so glad that is all over, now let the fun begin!! T- minus 3 days until Lupron injections!!



Speaking of Authorization…!!

Today I got the email – we have been approved!!! (insert huge  sigh of relief) I practically broke down in tears at my desk. I truly hadn’t let myself fully give into the idea and become excited with anticipation because I knew there was still a chance we wouldn’t be starting in April. But praise God – we get to begin our journey in 3.5 weeks! It’s all happening so fast but we are SO.SO ready! I could hardly believe the words coming from my mouth tonight when I was talking about the timeline with Brad. We are finally here .. after 2 years, 2 months, and 1 week .. we are almost there!!! ❤

One Year Ago.

This time last year I was hopeful, excited, and nervous – I was about to begin my first round of Clomid. Currently, I am hopeful, excited, and nervous – we may very well be embarking on our first round of IVF in 3.5 weeks!  I remember last year after my FSH threw a red flag, my doctor seemed to think that Clomid would easily do the trick (help my body do its job) and we’d be pregnant in no time! (HA!) That was most definitely not the case. Five days of Clomid, hot flashes, sensitive emotions, and the absolute worst dry mouth ever – paired with two weeks of Progesterone suppositories amounted to a big.fat.negative. Of course I felt defeated … but it was only our first month. My doctor just wanted to test Brad before proceeding so we could rule him out. I never could’ve imagined what the next year was going to bring. Appointment at the fertility clinic, appointment at the specialist, appointment at the specialist, appointment at the specialist, appointment at the specialist, and finally appointment at the fertility clinic – seemingly ending up right where we started only with worse results! But we are here to focus on the present — I am presently waiting for my period to start within the next week so I can call my nurse and let her know my day 1 so we *hopefully* start injections on day 21. Eeek!!! I’m also waiting to hear back from insurance who could completely shatter my dreams; Wednesday will be 2 weeks since they submitted our test results for authorization to skip IUI and go full speed ahead with IVF. They said most authorizations take 2-4 weeks so we could potentially be cutting it close …. fingers crossed and prayers being said!!!

A Constant Countdown..

I was just telling my husband the other night that our lives have become a constant countdown.. all last year it was a countdown to the urologist .. countdown to this follow up and that follow up. Each time hoping and praying to get affirmation that we were on the right path and were getting closer to our baby. I finally feel like we are on the right path but the countdown still continues; first our consult (Tues), my bloodwork (Wed), Brad’s bloodwork this coming Sunday, then my saline sonogram Tuesday, all while waiting for authorization from our insurance…. counting down days..hours..minutes. I’m ready for a 9 month countdown!

Our consult went well; our doctor agrees that after everything we’ve tried over the last two years, combined with both our “issues” IVF seems to be our best bet. We didn’t set a definite start date – but it seemed as though after we complete all our initial tests, it’s mainly up to our insurance for the prior authorization. I can only pray my doctor can convince them that IUI would be useless given our situation and to allow us to move straight ahead with IVF. Of course, they could always come back and say we are required to complete so many round(s) of IUI in order to qualify. I hope they don’t make us go through that emotionally and well.. financially. My doctor touched on my age several times and that although my FSH was high (my hormones haven’t been run in almost a year) that with being 26 my eggs should still be in much better condition than if I were in my 30’s. She also said when they did my transvaginal ultrasound last year, I seemed to have a decent number of follicles.. so maybe my body is doing better than the numbers would lead to believe. However she did mention my AMH being low (which was never mentioned last year when the tests were done) and that they would likely put me on a stronger medicine regimen for egg retrieval to ensure we get as many eggs as possible. We left feeling happy and hopeful! The following morning I returned for my Day 3 hormone tests to which I was supposed to get some results (FSH being one of them) that afternoon and the rest would be 7 days. Well I got my call Wednesday afternoon and all my nurse said was my doctor wanted to re-test my prolactin and thyroid on Tuesday with my sonogram. That was it… no results.. which led me to believe = not good. Ugh… then the countdown to next Tuesday began.

I did ask my doctor about transferring multiple embryos since I am very tall and thin.. I was worried they would warn against it. But surprisingly she said she would be comfortable transferring 2 embryos if we wanted. When you transfer 2 healthy embryos – the success rate is 60% vs. 1 healthy embryo is 40-45%. I think we would probably only transfer 2 the first time for our fresh cycle, but only if we have a couple healthy embabies to freeze! Brad desperately wants boy/girl twins.. if only it were that easy ❤


Now on an entirely different note … things have been strained with my oldest sister since she finally told me she was pregnant, and not on my behalf. I am extremely close to both my sister’s so not talking for 3 weeks is definitely off. Every time I would send a message to my mom and sisters (we always group text) about our appt coming up or my nerves or well anything for that matter, she’d say nothing. nada. It became so apparent I commented to my mom that it seemed like she was avoiding me. Then yesterday I had to text her to ask her about our cell phone plan (we all share in a plan together to save money) and she flat out asked me if I was mad or upset with her since I wasn’t coming around… to which I responded that she had been avoiding me and never ackowleding any of my messages. Then nothing… Hours later I get on Facebook during my lunch break and my mom announces that her beautiful daughter has just surprised her and told her she’s getting another granddaughter?! Wait? What! My sister is only like 12 weeks… what.the.hell. Not to mention I was peeved finding out on social media. Finally last night we talked and she said she’s just never really known what to say to me. All I want is her support, I don’t want pity or sympathy because it’s her and not me… I just want positivity. Turns out she got the genetic blood testing done (since she is in her late 30’s) and wasn’t aware my mother would blab the news before she had a chance to inform us herself. Hopefully now we’re on the up and up… I need as few stressors as possible, same as her. Sooo I guess I get another adorable, curly cued niece in August ❤

IVF Consult: Numero Uno Scheduled.

Last week after consulting our insurance and taking a week for everything to sink in .. I made the call! I called our fertility clinic and scheduled our IVF consult. Our original appointment was Wednesday but this afternoon I received a call that we’d have to reschedule for next Tuesday (not gonna lie, I’m a little bummed). I’m just so nervous, scared, and excited to get this show on the road!!


So my question for you ladies who have been here before — What were some important questions you asked or wish you would have asked?? I’m sure we’ll be overwhelmed with all sorts of information but I want to ensure all our bases are covered. While there they plan to do both of our infectious disease testing and depending on where I am with my cycle, they may just be able to run my hormone levels again. The nurse then mentioned we’d have to schedule my saline sonogram for the 2nd week of my cycle and proceed from there! Also I need prior authorization through our insurance company, soooo fingers crossed that doesn’t take too terribly long!

I made my first purchase in our IVF journey: A PLANNER!! I’m an organized neat freak so it is completely necessary … although when I told my husband I wanted to order an inspirational planner his response was, “Can’t you just use a notebook?” hahaaa nooooo way! 🙂 Below is a picture of it from ‘Me & My Big Ideas’ – I’m super pumped for it to come!

unnamed (7)

Lastly, I want to say THANK YOU!! All you lovely ladies help me keep my head on straight! I’d appreciate any advice or tips you’ve got heading into our IVF journey!! ❤